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Hi, I'm Avishai Karawan

I specialize in creating custom tools and workflows that make designing and implementing audio easy, intuitive, and efficient.

I'm a Technical Sound Designer working on HUNTERS: Uprising, where I design tools and use them to implement audio on a multiplayer hardcore extraction shooter in development. You can see some of the tools I worked on here.

I'm also a sound designer at Artlist, where I develop tools for generating, migrating, and organizing assets on a large commercial scale.  
You can check out some of the SFX I designed and recorded for the catalog 

I am always looking for new ideas and ways to improve at what I love doing. As a lecturer at Just Music College, I had the amazing opportunity to develop as a teacher and an artist through sharing knowledge and teaching others. 

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Main Skills:

Unreal Engine 5. Wwise Implementation,

Blueprints, Lua

Reaper, Protools

Sound Design, Field & Studio recording 


Additional Skills:

Ableton, Guitar

Technical Sound Design Breakdowns

Taking a deeper look into my technical audio tools, implementation and thought process

"AmbZone"  Tool Breakdown
A flexible spline-based "Ambient Zone" for playing 2D sounds in a defined shape.
also supports non-convex shapes!

PCG 3DEmitter Tracker
PCG (Procedural Content Generation) based tool that's able to track pre-defined foliage/ mesh, and spawn, update location, or delete 3DEmitters according to map changes

Sci-Fi Weapon SFX - Workflow Breakdown
A video demonstrating sound design workflow using multiple Reaper scripts and tools

UE4 & Wwise C++/BP  Implementaiton demo
Audio implementation demo in
a game created in C++ step-by-step with course

A selection of SFX packs recorded & designed for the Artlist catalog

Recorded SFX

Designed SFX

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